Leather is the new black. With the drastically changing traditions and fashion, leather has taken a new position in the fashion market. We had been pretty much familiar with leather being used as a style icon when it comes to leather jackets, shoes, and bags. But ever heard of the leather lingerie? read Ayaan Products

Plain lingerie is no more of a demand in these days. Even the Diva of Lingerie and women’s undergarments, Victoria Secret has boomed the business by introducing some of their very exotic leather lingerie. That’s true for sure that nothing can beat leather in lingerie. Lingerie is women’s undergarments which give a sexier and alluring look. Although lingerie is supposed to be fashionable, but along with it every customer looks for lingerie that’s flexible and stretchy.


Leather no wonder gives one a sensual and provocative look. Leather lingerie is not uncomfortable to wear and is a stretchable material. Leather lingerie is finest in quality and they look erotic. While selecting lingerie, there are many things that shall be kept in mind. But above all, the fact that all men like a hot and sexy lingerie should not be forgotten. Men like lingerie which are appealing and exposing. Sexy Leather lingerie for women can be your best choice in the case. Leather lingerie would give a look of a club dancer and can look very sexy. Many men find leather lingerie naughty and attractive. The tantalizing feel of the leather is appreciated by many women who wear them. Leather that is used in this lingerie are of four types and it is important to make a wise choice. The leather used is:


1) Cowhide: It is durable leather. It is very thick that it is mostly used in the manufacturing of boots and shoes. This leather is used in lingerie and is highly durable and if you buy cowhide leather lingerie it would not easily wear off.

2) Sheepskin: Such leather lingerie’s are best in quality. I would personally recommend all the women out there to go for this leather lingerie. Keep in mind girls that this leather lingerie is very expensive.

3) Water buffalo: This type leather lingerie is fine in quality, but would not beat the sheepskin and cowhide. The good thing is that such leather is cheaper in price.


When you have decided to buy yourself sexy leather lingerie for woman, it is important to keep in mind that there is a big care required for them. Although there are always some instructions mentioned on the manufacturers note, but still these should not be ignored:

  1. a) Do not keep your leather lingerie in a damp, humid or hot place.
  2. b) If it is wet, do not iron or steam press it, just let it dry itself.
  3. c) Also not expose the lingerie to the sun for longer as this can affect the color of the leather, making it decolorized into a purple black.
  4. d) Make sure you do not wrap your leather lingerie in a plastic bag, as it dries out the leather.

Leather is a versatile material, though, but with proper care it can last for longer. Therefore, if you want to go for leather lingerie do not be resisted my review here